Tip Etiquette – Should We Tip To Go Orders?

Having been in the service industry since 2006, I have seen so much confusion, non tipping, and awkwardness when it comes to tipping. Recently, I went to Appleby’s Restaurant to order to go. As I was sitting there at the bar waiting to be helped, the thought of tipping came to mind. Here I am, sitting here watching the guy behind the bar bumbling all over the place as he was being flirted with by 3 pretty young women at the other end of the bar. I’m thinking about customer service and how I’m sitting here judging this guy for being himself, and of course ignoring me. Then I got off my high horse of believing I’m the only one who has customer service skills and realized why people don’t tip. Presentation, that’s it. How I present myself and how I take care of the client/customer is key to what kind of tip or return customer ratio I receive. In the middle of this thought process I was having in my head, another server came up to me and asked me what I would like to order and apologized for the wait. I gave her my order and waited and watched the now 2 people behind the bar talking about another employee in a not so polite way. When I am working and people are standing around watching what I do in a┬áservice, what are they thinking about? Do I talk too much? Am I engaging them enough or too much? Am I trying too hard to please? Am I wow-ing them and giving them a great experience? The guy behind the bar interrupted my thought process and asked, “Have you been helped yet”? I said yes I have, thank you.


Having said all this in detail, I wasn’t interested in giving this guy a tip, at all. I didn’t like his presentation and he was oblivious to anything professional because his hormones or testosterone had taken over his brain in his head. He messed up two drinks as I was watching him. He wasn’t focused on what he was supposed to be focused on. Geez!! All I wanted was to order my food and go but what I received was a story going on in my head about tipping and customer service. The bill was $24.67 for the $20 special of appetizer and 2 entrees which were delish!! Her tip was $6 which is a 24% tip. So the answer to should I tip on to go orders, it is a personal preference. As a service person, I always tip but the amount of the tip varies based on performance and presentation. If I were to eat at Sonic, I would tip them because they either skated out to my car or walked out and brought me my food. Over the counter food or buffet, no tip. Hair Stylists, Massage Therapists, Estheticians and Nail Techs, absolutely tip them at least $5 minimum. Yep, even at Great Clips, you tip them as well. Anyone who goes out of their way to bring a service to you, you should tip them a minimum $5. If there is a tip jar, you tip. Hope this helps.