Pray for Southeast Texas

Many people are homeless now that the floods have destroyed their homes. Due to the stall of this Hurricane, rain continues to fall and wash out roads and highways. Completly bringing cities to a standstill displacing thousands of people to other cities and homes.

The silver lining in all this tragedy is the many people and organizations that have come together. Helping those with shelter, food, and clothing. Some of the early images are priceless, such as the Hawk that flies into a cab seeking shelter, the dog walking down the road carrying his treats and toys, or the dogs leading a group of cows down the street to safety.

The pictures that bring us outrage seeing the elderly in a nursing home walking around in waist deep water. Just going about their usual day knitting in the recliner waiting for the call to be rescued. They were rescued and taken to shelter but what precious memories these and so many others have lost. The people were warned well in advance but there was no mandatory evacuation by the Mayor. It’s easy to point fingers in a tragedy but look at the beautiful response by so many first responders and volunteers.

The America I know and love is right here in times like these when people come together and help each other. The America I know loves each other and takes care of their own. We’re Americans and we need to continue to appreciate the differences in our country not sabotage and hurt each other.

Now, take a deep breath through your nose as you inhale and breathe out slowly through your mouth as though you were breathing out of a straw. Proud to be an American and a Texan.



Taking Life for Granted

It’s so easy to take the little things in life for granted when you’re living with health benefits, money in the bank, a great job and smoothly sailing through life. However, when tough times come, and they do for each of us, we become a little more humbled and grateful about small things.

It’s been over a year since I’ve had a full time job with benefits and enough money to pay my bills over the minimum amount. My high credit score survived over the year and for that, I’m grateful. I’ve educated myself over the year with working out, eating well and losing over 25 pounds. I’ve met some really great people and have more friends through this lean time in my life.


Sometimes we need these lean times to make us aware of what’s really important to us and what our true purpose is all about. I’ve learned it’s about helping people be healthier through strengthening muscles, increasing balance and improving flexibility. It’s not just about losing inches and weight, it’s about taking care of our body and mind. This past week, I started a new job and am entering a new chapter in my life. My job is Wellness Director in a retirement community helping people increase their balance, flexibility and strength through exercise classes, lectures about healthy living, and competition through games.

No longer taking things for granted in my life. My purpose is revealed in the work I do and accomplish as a wellness professional. May you find your peace and purpose in life and in all that you do. Be kind to yourself and find the things you are most grateful for in life. Peace.


Does Waxing Cause Wrinkles?

Many times competitors in the same field will say something long enough that people will begin to believe what they say is fact and repeat to others. Such is the case with hair removal. I don’t know where this came from or who began to say that waxing causes wrinkles but it is simply untrue and there is no scientific proof that it does.  Sources: Medical NewsWomen’s Health, Miss Humphrey’s Myths about waxing.


Plainly put, waxing does not cause wrinkles. When people claim that it does, the myth is that by pulling on the skin when the waxing strips are removed, it stretches out the skin and, eventually, it doesn’t bounce back. However, as is cited above, skin wrinkles when the cells break down. Stretching the skin does not destroy the integrity of the cells. Nor does the wax break down the skin cells. It is a completely safe procedure. If you have sensitive skin, waxing may cause a rash, but it will not cause wrinkles!


90 Day Transformation – Weight Loss

It is true that if you eat more protein than carbs/fats, you will lose weight. The protein has to be broken down by carbs/fats so if you eat less carbs/fats, the protein will be broken down by the stored fat you have in your body, hence, the weight loss. So, here’s the deal.

For two meals a day, drink an IDLife Meal Replacement Shake and for one meal, eat a protein and a healthy carb….e.g. Salmon and a green veggie and a small salad with oil and vinegar. has many ideas for meals. The shakes come in Vanilla and Chocolate and are very tasty.

23 grams of protein in the Meal Replacement Shake and for snacks, graze on veggies. The beginning of a new year is a great time to start, go to my website right now and order. Take the free health assessment that is HIPAA compliant while you’re there. Let me know your results. I look forward to doing business with you and seeing you transform your life in 90 days.

Happy New Year!!Meal Replacement Shake

5 Habits That Guarantee Weight Loss

Basket of fruits and veggies

1. The Water Habit.

Drink a tall glass of water immediately before each of your three daily meals. Besides hydrating you, this fills your stomach and reduces your appetite.

2. The Slow Habit.

Set your fork or spoon down on the table after each bite. This slows down your eating and causes you to enjoy a meal more while actually consuming less.

3. The Half Habit.

Prepare or order whatever meal you want, but only eat half of it. If you are eating out, share your meal with your spouse, friend or take half of it home. If you are eating at home, eat exactly half of your normal portions.

4. The Snack Habit.

Only snack on fruit or vegetables. Except for your three meals, do not eat anything unless it is a fruit or vegetable.

5. The Move Habit.

Devote 20 minutes a day to some kind of aerobic exercise that doubles your normal heart rate. It can be something as simple as a brisk walk, a treadmill or a stationary bike, but do it every day.