What Does It Mean To Follow A Budget?

In this country, people will be quick to buy on credit even though they have no money to pay it back at the end of the month. I was like that but I realized after being in $20,000 of credit card debt, I should really start a budget. So I did. I am paying $800 out of my paycheck every 2 weeks to Chase Bank and in 15 months I will be debt free. I pay for things out of my checking account and no longer use credit for purchases. I have money in my savings account and give to my church every month. The biggest reason I had for living on my credit cards was that I lost my job in 2015 and worked as a poor personal trainer for a year until I found full time work. That racked up my debt and now I’m paying it all off. A budget has helped me to stay disciplined and carry my lunch to work instead of going out everyday. I’m in grad school and will graduate December 2018 with a dual MBA/HSM degree. I’m hoping this will catapult me into a higher paying job in healthcare management working with a budget. If Social Security is still around when I get to that point, I will have to budget that small check I get every month. Our financial intelligence is really broken, isn’t it? We work so much on our EQ that our FQ is also suffering and gets very little attention. When I say it gets little attention, I’m saying our attitude towards money is suffering. There are many financial advisors out there who preach everyday about how to manage your money. In conclusion, money is imperative to survive but the greed of spending and wanting more is the sickness. We all need to budget and stick to it. money


What is Your Opinion?

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