No Fall Chair Volleyball with Seniors

You haven’t played great volleyball until you play with Seniors. I’ll set this up for you. Fitness center classroom is full of chairs with a net down the middle of the room. Chairs on each side are facing the net as Seniors from all over campus come to play for 30 minutes. We have one volleyball also known as a beach ball that will be used in this game. Everyone is seated and one person serves the ball to the other team and there’s a lot of volleying going on. The game gets momentum and half of the seniors are standing up while the others remain seated. Getting hit in the head is not so bad since it’s only a beach ball. Laughter and great fun to be had by all and we’ll all meet again next month for some great cardio and competition. Seniors keep me young and I couldn’t think of anything I’d rather be doing than playing and exercising with Seniors.

This is a picture of a senior group I found online. Not the one I’m associated with. Plus, our seniors were much more animated and active than this group. Image result for pics of no fall chair volleyball


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