Is Contentment Important Today?

Contentment is a commodity not fully tapped into because I believe it’s misunderstood. You may think it means to just sit back with your cat and purr and believe all is well and I don’t need to do anything but relax. To the contrary, contentment is letting go of the things you can’t control and no longer holding tightly onto things in life. Being a very busy wife, business manager, and full time student pursuing my dual Master’s degree, I am content with my life.

I have a wonderful and sweet husband who is my best friend and we celebrate 11 1/2 fun years together. Before I met him, I told God I was ok if He didn’t send anyone to me right now because I was busy doing what I loved. But later in life I would like to have companionship and that he would be Jesus with skin on. The next day I met Larry on Did you see what happened there? I let go of a very strong desire I had had early on in life. I became content in my life because I was fulfilled with doing things that I loved doing.

Knowing your purpose in life is key to becoming content. Many times I prayed to God, “why am I here on Earth?” “What is my purpose here?” I was brutally honest with Him because I wanted answers. I didn’t want to exist in life, that’s boring and idleness can get you into trouble. I knew God had a purpose for my life and all I had to do was to submit my life to Him. He said I could make my plans but He would order my steps. When I stopped making it all about “me” and trusting Him then I learned contentment. Then, I stopped striving and being so driven. This is not religious talk, it’s relationship with God who loves me and gave His own life for me and for you. What’s your purpose, better yet, what is your relationship with God?





What is Your Opinion?

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