I’m Not Ready to Wear A House Coat

In life, we go through seasons as we age. We play in the sandbox when we’re little then we transition into playing in sports or other activities. It seems as though when we grow older, we have this belief that it’s time to slow down and stop learning and increasing in our personal development. We’re putting that ole house coat on because it’s comfortable.

House Coat.jpg

A story in the Bible is told about the talents many people were given by their master. Each one was given at least one talent and was told by their master that he would come back later. When he came back to them, a couple of them used their talents and they were given more. One kept his talent and buried it and never used it. This one was not rewarded as the others were who used their talents.

While we are living this life, we need to continue to use our talents and develop our other talents we’ve been given. Instead, many of us put our sweats on or house coats on and resort to existing in life. I’m not ready to put my house coat on. God has given much to me and I’m not even close to ending my exploration of life and evolving.

It’s not my plan to come to the end of my life and say, I had some pretty nice house coats and I wore them well. Not a chance. My desire is to say, “God, you gave me strength and the wherewithal to accomplish so much and I wanted to give my life back to you. Thank you for allowing me to keep learning and growing. My life is fulfilled because so many times I heard my clients say to me, “you have helped me so much”.

There is nothing like loving what you do and if you can pursue that talent deeper and learn more about it, the more fulfilled you will become. Go deep and put some out door clothes on and live your life out.

Love, Debbie



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