Journal Entry 3 – Client Case Study Corrective Exercise

On Tuesday, my day began with training clients at the gym and in the afternoon I went to the doctor’s appointment with Ms. DM, my client. My client told the doctor about her hospital stay and the medications she was on. She introduced me as her personal trainer. The doctor asked me what my opinion was on Ms. DM. I told him about Self Myofascial Release and Corrective Exercise and how Ms. DM was responding. He had heard about SMR (foam rolling) and thought it was a great idea for Ms. DM. He wanted Ms. DM to begin tapering off of Hydrocodone and only take Gabapentin for nerve pain. The doctor said Hydrocodone makes her brain cloudy and he prefers the Gabapentin to Hydrocodone. She didn’t seem to like that but nevertheless her family was committed to helping her regain her life. The doctor told her also to follow my instructions because he said I was on the right track for her health. That was a very reaffirming word.

Working alongside the doctor as a personal trainer gives the client a well rounded and safe environment to maintain a healthy life. I was affirmed in my own position I was doing the right thing for Ms. DM and that strengthened our relationship as trainer and client.


What is Your Opinion?

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