Journal Entry 2 – Case Study

Last week, I told you about my client Ms. DM. Her family reported she had been falling a lot and having slurred speech and memory problems. They told me she had been over medicating herself with the prescription drugs she had been given. Gabapentin, Hydrocodone, and Xanax. Under the doctor’s supervision, they had taken the Gabapentin and Xanax away and began the process of tapering her Hydrocodone use. She came in a few times a little wobbly and forgetful and one day I had to call her family to take her home due to the aforementioned weakness and inability to function in a workout.

She has nerve pain so we have been focusing on corrective exercise mostly and beginning to introduce strength training with dumbbells and resistance bands. I’ve taught her how to do Self Myofascial Release aka foam rolling with a tiger tail, wooden stick, Yoga ball and foam roller. I explained the benefits of foam rolling that this modality will increase her flexibility and support around her joints. This will help increase blood flow and hydration through the muscles and the pain she feels can improve. She was excited and skeptical at the same time. We will continue to work toward increasing her mobility through careful foam rolling with her IT Band, Quads, Calves and Hips. She has a long way to go and having the support of her physician and family is a big help. The family has asked me to accompany her to her next doctor appointment with her primary and pain doctor. What an honor.


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