Alzheimer’s Walk in September – Dallas TX

My stepdad has Alzheimer’s and as many of you know, it is a cruel disease and a very long goodbye.  I’ve decided to start a team with the organization for a walk to end Alzheimers in September of this year. Our team name is Team Find a Memory Cure. Please visit my page to donate for the cause and decide to walk with me in September. Larry’s paternal grandmother died from this disease and many of our friends family have also been affected by Alzheimers. Please visit my page and help. Thank you. This is the Mesquite TX chapter I just started. Our team goal is to raise $2,000.



  1. Debbie! I don’t remember where I’ve read this, but Alzheimer’s disease can be prevented from eating a whole foods plant based diet that has no added oils or unhealthy fats. Plus, Alzheimer’s in the future will soon to be known as Type-3 Diabetes. Do you have any knowledge of this? I’m actually going to see if I could find that article by Googling. I’m sorry to hear about your dad. I don’t believe Alzheimer’s hereditary, however; if the diets are the same in the family then I believe the food is the cause of it.


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