Ready for a New Season

I do believe I am ready for a new season, anything without snow and ice. Spring time in Texas brings strong storms and winds to our region, I’m ready for a change. Could we just skip over Spring and move right into Summer. Yeah, it gets really hot here but we can always cool off. After living in Colorado for 9 years, heat is a welcome feeling to a cold natured flat lander like me.

Delete Winter

February is almost gone and a new month begins. Can you believe we’re going into March 2015? Weren’t dogs and cats supposed to disappear from the planet a while back and aren’t we supposed to be flying in cars? Wait a minute, some do fly down the highway, don’t they? Anywho, I digress. Have a great 1st week of March and keep in mind, whatever happened in February, learn from it and move on. It’s a brand new month and a great time to begin again.

First Robin of Spring


What is Your Opinion?

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