90 Day Transformation – Weight Loss

It is true that if you eat more protein than carbs/fats, you will lose weight. The protein has to be broken down by carbs/fats so if you eat less carbs/fats, the protein will be broken down by the stored fat you have in your body, hence, the weight loss. So, here’s the deal.

For two meals a day, drink an IDLife Meal Replacement Shake and for one meal, eat a protein and a healthy carb….e.g. Salmon and a green veggie and a small salad with oil and vinegar. ChooseMyPlate.gov has many ideas for meals. The shakes come in Vanilla and Chocolate and are very tasty.

23 grams of protein in the Meal Replacement Shake and for snacks, graze on veggies. The beginning of a new year is a great time to start, go to my website right now and order. www.idlife.com/debbiestrauch. Take the free health assessment that is HIPAA compliant while you’re there. Let me know your results. I look forward to doing business with you and seeing you transform your life in 90 days.

Happy New Year!!Meal Replacement Shake


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