Myths and Misconceptions – Squats and Lunges

Debbie Strauch Personal Trainer

The world of exercise has long been riddled with fitness myths, misconceptions, misperceptions and biased information. While much information is sound and well intentioned, some of it is designed to attract us to buy things, whether good for us or not. Collectively, sound information mixes with the “fluff” to make up a convoluted mass of confusion and contradictions. Or, it turns into a black-or-white viewpoint, which grossly oversimplifies a complex subject. As if that’s not enough, a version of the “telephone game” is often thrown in. Information passes from person to person, often changing along the way, and the original intent and rationale gets lost in translation. As a result, a person may blindly follow without ever inquiring about objective reasoning. We are taught guidelines, and they are interpreted as rules. Whatever or whomever we learned from first is often perceived as “right.” We tend to listen to and…

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