Our Tower Garden As It Grows

We started our Tower Garden 1 week ago and I captured pics of the growth of our seedlings at 4 days and then today. Once they reach 3 inches high in the rock wool tray, we will transfer them into the Tower Garden. There is a pump at the bottom of the garden that pumps water and nutrients up the garden through a tube and nourishes and water each one of the plants. We attached the tomato cage around the garden so the vines of our vegetables will have something to hang on. We’re really excited about growing our garden inside the house and look forward to eating our fresh, homegrown food as well as sharing food with our friends and family. You can order a Tower Garden from us, it’s only $45 a month for 12 months and we definitely can help you grow your own produce. Our website is www.strauch.juiceplus.com

Our New Tower Garden 8-2014 Our Tower Garden Tower Garden Seedlings growingSeedlings 1 week 


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