Transform the Protein Paradigm

We may have more options than ever for different kinds of protein, but people—including fitness professionals—are confounded by the question of how much and what type of protein to consume. Stanford University professor of medicine Christopher Gardner, PhD, launched his talk, “Protein 101,” by saying this is no surprise, as the information presented by the media is often misinterpreted, vague and contradictory.

When it comes to recommended versus actual protein intake for American men and women, we clearly over consume, according to Gardner. Women 18 and older should average about 46 grams a day; men 18 and older should average about 58 g a day. In reality, the daily average for men and women is about 111 g per day, 85% of which is animal-based. Bear in mind we all have different protein needs, which makes seeking knowledge on this front critical.

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