What Does A Day Of Gluten-Free Meals Look Like?

Strength and Sunshine

Happy Tuesday! O the summer, it is finally here! Over 80° yesterday and I think it will be that hot again today! I actually had to get my dad to put my air conditioner back in my window. Good-bye sunlight…But it’s warm out so can I complain? I just have a few more weeks of school left and I am jumping out of my skin! My last AP test is today too! This year seems really slow, but really fast. Everything is just crazy! I also have to tell you all to head over to Sara’s blog and check out my Blogger on the Run Feature from yesterday! Thanks Sara! 🙂

Before the Gluten-Free Challenge gets underway, I want you to have a solid base to build your meal plan off of. At first you may think that overhauling your whole diet and meal plan will be the greatest…

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