COMPLETE Shakes by Juice Plus


Leanne Harris From Dr Mitra Ray: A recurring question I get is “What do I say to a trainer who is recommending whey protein and not soy?”

Here is my answer.
While whey protein has been shown to increase muscle mass, it also causes inflammation. Whey is made from the protein left over in making cheese, which used to be thrown away but is now successfully marketed. It is highly processed, though marketers will argue that not all whey sources are the same. Nonetheless, all milk-based proteins along with other animal proteins are highly acidic and have been linked to cancer. In my work, I see far too many people who are suffering from pain and inflammation aggravated or brought on by the use of whey/casein powders. The intestines cannot absorb the typically high amounts of whey protein and this can also lead to intestinal toxemia.
The soy in Complete™ is made from non-GMO, water washed, minimally-processed soy, similar to crushed edamame. Many who have ‘allergies to soy’ I find really have allergies to GMO soy, and have no issues with Complete. The isoflavones in soy have been shown to fight cancer and are an integral part of more cutting-edge cancer therapies along with being beneficial in balancing hormones in both men and women. Complete contains many other beneficial plant protein sources besides soy, and has been clinically shown to build lean mass. Beyond being a source
of protein Complete has fiber to promote a healthy gut biome. People experience sustainable energy, balanced blood sugar levels and decreased cravings because Complete is a low glycemic load source of complex carbohydrates.
For many reasons Complete is superior to the highly marketed milk protein based protein powders commonly used by most trainers and marketed in most gyms. From a health standpoint I personally stay away from dairy products.
As the name implies, Complete is a whole-food, plant-based, balanced protein product with only positive results including reduced inflammation, increased muscle mass, reduced body fat, balanced hormones and blood sugar levels and more energy. It is truly a superior Green protein choice in my book.


What is Your Opinion?

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