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Online Weight Loss Calorie Counter

There are a alot of online calorie counters out there. There is (which is currently down due to the govt shutdown) and many others. The one I like the best is It counts my calories, has a drop down menu of foods and restaurants, exercise counter and more. I highly recommend it to anyone if you want to lose weight while watching your food intake with your very own food diary. This is a testimonial from the website.


MyFitnessPal really works!

 MFP has been instrumental to my weight loss. I’ve tried countless times to lose weight but nothing worked. Anything restrictive and I would just gain the weight right back. But MyFitnessPal really works. MFP makes counting calories SO easy. I log onto my iPhone app every day and I’m proud to say I haven’t missed a single day of logging in. The community aspect on this site is amazing and I’ve made some really great friends throughout this journey. I can’t wait to continue losing weight with MFP!

Juliette Willson (julwills)



As a Personal Trainer, my goal is to help people maintain their independence and balance through exercise.

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