Colonoscopy – Pre-Screening Can Save Your Life

Hello All,

I just went through a weekend of liquid foods to a clear liquid day of laxative driven tonics. I can tell you that the worst part of a colonoscopy is the preparation. This was my first ever test of this kind. Because my papaw had colon cancer and died from it in 1985, I had to have this pre-screening. The best part of this whole experience was the positive experience I had..I was cold so the Nurse Anesthetist brought me 3 heated blankets….I believe nurses are angels anyway. I was given Propofol (I instantly thought of Michael Jackson and Dr. Murray) and once I was injected, I was asleep. Before I knew it, the procedure was over but they let me sleep it off for 25 minutes so that was nice. They told me to eat light so my husband and I went to Olive Garden and had a salad and this soup that had shrimp and fish in it with a tomato base. It was so good and just right for me to not have a reaction.

All in all, prevention is key and disease is harder to cure and it costs way more than prevention. The doctor said that when people get a pre-screening colonoscopy, any polyps, cancer, or tumors are caught just in time. Don’t wait and for goodness sake, don’t be afraid of it. It’s not so bad. 


What is Your Opinion?

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