Debbie Strauch Personal Trainer

By Elizabeth Beal


Looking for a little guidance through this month of oh-so-many expectations? Try these 7 simple ideas to painlessly clean up your act.

Quinoa with Vegetables1. HEALTHY = Quick & Easy!

Check out heat-and-eat sides such as frozen 365 Everyday Value® Organic Quinoa with Vegetables.

The freezer aisle can be your best ally if you’re high on ambition but short on time (think veggies and fruits, not pizza and ice cream). And don’t forget the convenience of no-salt-added canned tomatoes and beans!

2. A Sight to Behold

See what happens when you keep prepped veggies at eye level in your refrigerator.

Don’t let that pretty produce languish in the crisper; put those baby carrots, grape tomatoes and cut-up colorful Whole Trade® bell peppers in beautiful clear containers and put those suckers right up front! We suggest keeping some tasty good-for-you dips close by, too, like Nutty Red Pepper…

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