Lime Essential Oil is a Great Internal Cleanser


Lime essential oil is full of concentrated Vitamin C and antioxidants.  A drop mixed in warm water, then poured into the ears, will be effective in eliminating excessive cerumen, or ear wax.  A peculiar property of lime essential oil is that it attracts butterflies but repels moths; scientists think this is because it mimics the pheromones of mating butterflies, which makes them aggressive, and poor company for moths!  You can use lime essential oil as furniture polish and to bust up the rust and scale on bathroom sinks and toilet bolts.  It will also keep the toilet bowl sweet, with no “ring around the collar” to brush out.  Lime essential oil is being used by pediatric clinics in Australia to calm children traumatized by accidents, and appears to be effective in delaying shock until medical attention has been completed.  Lime essential oil soothes chigger bites, cat scratches, and has less of a sting when applied to cold sores than does lemon essential oil.  You’ll want to keep some on hand for lemonade, of course, and to make key lime pie.  But did you know it can also keep your cuticles from cracking and peeling?  Lime essential oil is effective in discouraging aphids from getting too friendly with your roses.


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