High-tech fork can help with dieting

Some believe eating well is external but it’s truly internal. However, if the HapiFork works for some then go for it. As for me, I’ll rely on my inner discipline.


LAS VEGAS, Jan. 9 (UPI) — A high-tech fork its developers say can help people diet was introduced at the Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas.

The HapiFork that pairs itself to a smartphone using Bluetooth will vibrate if the user is eating too fast, developers HapiLabs said.

The ford contains a capacitive sensor that determines how long it has been since the user has taken the last bite, and will gently vibrate to tell the user they are eating too fast.

Though there is no set or recommended time between bites in most diets, many dieticians recommend putting the fork down on the plate between bites; anything to slow down food intake.

The HapiFork can be programmed for any time period between bites, and will inform the user if they are eating too fast.

“We created HapiLabs to help people take control of their happiness, health and fitness. Fifty percent of your health comes from what you eat. That’s where HapiFork comes in,” HapiLabs founder Fabrice Boutain told ABC News.

The fork is linked to an iPhone app that lets a user how long their meals last, how long they are waiting between bites and can even record the number of times the fork is brought to the mouth during a meal.

The $99 fork has to be recharged periodically, but HapiLabs says it will go two weeks on a charge.


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