Barley malt, High fructose corn syrup, Honey, Beet sugar, invert sugar lactose, Brown sugar, malt syrup, maltodextrin, Buttered syrup, maltose mannitol, Cane-juice crystals, molasses, raw sugar, cane sugar, refiner’s syrup, sorbitol, caramel, sorghum, sorghum syrup, carob, syrup, sucrose, sugar, corn syrup, turbinado, xylitol, corn syrup solids, yellow sugar, dextran, date sugar, dextrose, diastic malt, exthyl maltol, fructose, fruit juice, fruit juice concentrate, 
glucose, glucose solids, golden sugar, golden syrup, grape sugar. 

A quick way to discern sugars on the label is to simply look for the word sugar in any form and for words ending in -ose.

From Get the Sugar Out: 501 Simple ways to Cut the Sugar Out of Any Diet by Ann Louise
Gittleman, MS,


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