Fighting the Common Cold

Here are some other foods that help with the common cold and limit the duration.

1. Chicken soup

It’s been called Nature’s penicillin and is at the top of the list for its curative powers. Hot chicken soup helps clear clogged airways,

2. Hot and spicy foods
Chilies or spicy sauces help ease congestion. Cook Indian (we love Indian food)  or other ethnic foods that contain these ingredients, or simply add a spicy sauce to foods for extra zip. Honestly, we love food from all over the world. Turmeric is a healthy spice that should be in everyone’s diet.
3. Garlic
This fragrant bulb contains a flavoring agent called allium which acts as a decongestant. Garlic is also believed to act as an antioxidant/antibiotic and destroy free-radicals, the active oxygen molecules that damage cells.
4. Juice Plus – whole food nutrition
Juice Plus has kept our family well for 2 years. We’ve been eating Juice Plus and haven’t had any major sickness like upper respiratory infections or flu. It’s been nice not to get sick since we eat more fruits and veggies and take our Juice Plus capsules, gummies and shakes. Here’s more information if you are interested in becoming our customer. See our websites at Strauch Juice Plus and Strauch Tower Garden. 
Remember prevention costs less than disease.

What is Your Opinion?

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