Lowering My BMI and Losing Weight with Juice Plus

My BMI was 30.50 and now it is 30.04…since I’ve been drinking two Juice Plus Complete Shakes a day and having one big meal, I’ve lost weight…..lost 5 pounds so far. I’m considered obese according to my BMI. My goal is to lose 25 pounds. 20 more to go. Heart health and brain health is important to me since there is heart disease and strokes in my family history….belly fat is dangerous for the heart…


I make my shake with the Complete Vanilla adding Flax Seed, Kale or Spinach or Broccoli with Carrots (powerful anti cancer combo), berries and banana, some days I add Oikos Yogurt and either Almond Milk or water. Tastes really good and with all that fiber I’m getting in the shake mix and the actual veggies and fruit, I drink a lot of water.

Try it by ordering through my website store at www.strauchjuiceplus.com. The shakes really taste good.

I enjoy the Chocolate Shakes with bananas, tastes so good I don’t add anything else!!



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