Oreo Cookie and Trans Fat

Image A label is simply not a label…there are too many loopholes in our system that support big business….

Here’s a tip: check out Oreo cookies…ever wonder why they make a serving just one cookie? It’s not just to seemingly keep the calorie count down…if the food is under 2 gm of trans fats, they’re allowed to say zero trans fats on the label…one oreo cookie has 1.8 grams of trans fats…does anyone ever eat just one?

So you indulge in 5 oreos, and you’re getting almost 10 grams of trans fats yet the label says zero…check out the ingredients…modified palm oil is trans fats (modified and hydrogenated are two other words for trans fats!). It’s time we got honest with our foods…


What is Your Opinion?

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