Create Your Own Destiny and Begin Again

Usually I write more often but the wildfire in Colorado Springs has taken up my mental time. It has been, needless to say, a very surreal experience to live this horrific and historical event. Natural disasters aren’t fun and cause you to spend countless hours with your eyes glued to the tv. Having said this, it’s important to snap yourself back into reality and begin doing the normal things in your life. Such as continuing to live your purpose and take out the trash. You know, the menial things in life you’ve grown accustomed to. For many, the road less traveled brings on new meaning. Many have no house to go home to and must carve out that road for themselves so they can go home again. Many have proclaimed, “We will Rebuild”.  A big salute to our firefighters and all personnel including law enforcement all over Colorado for the great and hard work they’ve done and continue to do in order to protect us.



What is Your Opinion?

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