Grow your own Food with the Tower Garden


OK folks….here is my experiment.

Purchased enough greens (spinach and spring mix) for two for one week (and we are talking a small salad), 1 cuke 1 zucchini, 1 summer squash, 1 gr pepper, 4 vine ripe tomatoes, 1 small bunch broccoli and some basil…most, but not all, organic.

The cost? $21.68 from our local Walmart. So for one month, that would be ~$80…and that’s not even counting “other” fresh produce I hope most folks are eating.

The cost of the Tower Garden/month? $42 + taxes/mo x 1 year (which incl. everything you need to get started)…and then it is paid for and returns your $$ year after year ! This is how I figure that my Tower Garden really didn’t cost me “anything”!! I would be buying even more than it is producing anyway! Just had to share my experiment.

Tower Garden website


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