Chinese Medicine Face Mapping

We’ve all had breakouts on our faces through the years or may still be experiencing these image altering bumps. Chinese Medicine has been a big help in pinpointing the inward causes of these breakouts. If you are not drinking 1/2 your weight in ounces of water everyday, your forehead will tell on you. The possible causes of breakouts along the jaw line are hormonal and breakouts between the eyes have to do with the liver. Before you freak out about the liver I just mentioned. Remember it’s usually based on diet and/or illness. If your liver is constantly filtering junk like bad foods then you can expect a breakout telling you your body wants more of a plant based diet!!

Sometimes you will experience small bumps on the forehead or outside perimeter of the face. This is usually caused by not rinsing hair products out of your hair well enough. If you have bumps that are more like cysts (cystic acne), you need to see a Dermatologist.

Take a look at this picture and see for yourself. It’s very accurate and in my Esthetics practice, I educate my clients on this and it makes sense.


For a more plant based diet for those who don’t like veggies, may I suggest Juice Plus? Look at my website to learn more.


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