Restaurants Should Invest in a Tower Garden

What the media is saying about the Tower Garden by Juice Plus

People are talking about Tower Garden, the aeroponic vertical gardening system that simplifies growing. View articles and video clips using the links below.

O’Hare Creates Urban Garden

Tower Gardens are being used at the first-of-its kind urban garden at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago—allowing four airport restaurants to serve food grown only a few feet away.

New York’s First ‘Rooftop-to-Table’ Restaurant

Tower Gardens allow New York City chef John Mooney to go from rooftop to tabletop at Bell, Book and Candle—the first restaurant in the U.S. to grow its own food on the rooftop.

 Health-conscious mom uses Tower Garden to grow vegetables and fruits.

Toni Branner, a nutrition-minded mom, shares how she helps her family eat healthier by growing vegetables and fruits right on the back porch in her Tower Garden.

Learn more and order a Tower Garden on our website at


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