Your Medical Card

A medical card would be useful in my wallet if I were to experience a heart issue like Tachycardia. The most important thing I would write down is not to panic if I need to lie down.


Tachycardia means the heart can beat more rapidly on one side of the heart than the other side. I have a 5 minute (my opinion) window to lie down, prop my feet above my heart, and lie quietly until my heart relaxes. If I don’t lie down within 5 minutes of my rapid heartbeat, I have to go to ER and get an IV with a medicine to slow it down. It reaches up to 250 beats a minute. I take no meds because it’s such a rare occurence but I exercise to alleviate stress. Stress is the main cause of it.

In summary, we all have issues with our health so it’s important that we document on a medical card what these issues are in case of an emergency. Here is a resource website for medical cards,

Take charge of your health.


What is Your Opinion?

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