Excuses make eating healthy difficult

While there are many excuses of not losing weight and eating healthy, there is one solution. Planning is the key to eating healthy and losing that dangerous belly fat. Plan your snacks ahead of time and this will help you to stay on target. While it’s so convenient to grab something from the vending machine, it’s much better for your to take out your free sandwich bag of veggies and fruits. This is what I do and I’m finding my weight going down and not up. 

Recipe for your new and healthy trail mix

cut up celery in small pieces, 1/2 inch pieces

grape or cherry tomatoes

red or white grapes




Add all these together and put in a sandwich baggie and graze on it throughout the day or save it for your 2 breaks during your 6-8 hour workday. Add any combination of veggies and fruits. You may want to add strawberries and blueberries when they are in season.

You must start somewhere on your journey to losing weight. Small steps are the beginning of a new and improved you. Look in the mirror again and be satisfied seeing the new you with a smaller waistline. Exercise more by just getting outside and walking or doing chair exercises if you are unable to walk. This morning I made a veggie and fruit smoothie for breakfast. I made it out of kale, broccoli, carrots, apple, tomato, grapes, banana, yogurt, and water. It’s very filling because of the fiber. If you make these, make sure you drink plenty of water. Water helps the fiber to absorb in your system. I wish you the very best on your journey. It takes only one step then the second step. Join me on this journey of weight loss and exercise. To the new us.

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Interesting places to put your Tower Garden.https://secure.flickr.com//photos/75003553@N02/sets/72157629002044491/show/



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