This Tower Garden was a brilliant and genius idea. To be able to plant a garden inside your home or outside with no pesky gnats from the soil. There is no soil involved and if you plant inside, you can get a grow lamp from Home Depot or Lowe’s. Disney World has rows of these and has had them for years. The inventor of Tower Gardens was a child when he first saw these there and when he grew up, it became a business for him. Juice Plus purchased Tower Gardens in 2011 and now has made it available to the public. People with disabilities would be able to garden without stress or help from others. What a great idea!!

Debbie Strauch Personal Trainer

If you know someone who has a disability and loves to garden but is unable to, I may have an answer for you. You don’t have to get down and play in the dirt with the Tower Garden and it grows faster than a normal harvest. Within 4 weeks to be exact. See this video and order through me. It costs less than $50 a month for only 1 year and the Tower Garden would be perfect for them. Send this to them

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